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Keith Olbermann’s “Special Comment” about Clinton RFK Remarks

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New Designs: May 2008

May 08 featured designs

  • Check out our new designs for this month: GOAL Digger & Bamboozled (available with a front and back design)
  • For the trend setters up on their t-shirt game, you know that neon print is what’s hot in the streets (shout out to ATL). We now have neon colors available in the “Create Your Own” store where you can get custom made shirts in any color combos you want using dN|Be designs.

Your Black World vs. Bill O’Reilly

Why The O’Reilly Factor is Becoming a Non-Factor and why Bill O’Reilly is Feeling Threatened (Juan Williams lost his credibility a long time ago

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African-Americans are getting tired of Bill O’Reilly. He has joked about lynching Michelle Obama, insulted the victims of Hurricane Katrina, described African-Americans as uncivilized people, and consistently attacked and undermined everything about black culture. Additionally, he and the rest of the right wing have engaged in unfair, racialized attacks on Senator Barrack Obama.

It is time to fight the hate and oppression. Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and others represent the ugliest of American traditions. As our country tries to move forward with peace and equality, these men use their platforms to engage in the facism and white supremacist mindsets our country fought during World War II. Continue reading

Slavery and the American Economy

by Waldron H. Giles, Ph.D.

Slavery raises a host of negative images for Black people; so much so, they fail to realize the tremendous economic contributions they made, albeit forced, to the development of the United States into a world power. This lack of realization stems from the national shame of slavery and the concomitant national denial, which in reality has become a weak defense mechanism. To a large degree Blacks and whites have bought into this denial, albeit for different reasons. In spite of this contribution Blacks continue to vie for respect and acceptance by the very country that they practically own via a down payment with their own blood, sweat, and tears. Through the shame of slavery African Americans continue to increase the “Debt” they are owed instead of steadfastly demanding payment.

The resulting hypothesis of this economic analysis of slavery is that the current “Debt” is too large to foster healthy discussions with whites and continued avoidance of such discussions has been and will continue to be disguised under a variety of racist manipulations. The purpose of this economic analysis is to enlighten African Americans and end the impotence produced by this shame and to undo those stereotypical images of laziness, ignorance, criminal behavior, and incompetence.

Continue reading

Smart is the New Gangsta Short Film