What if the Confederacy Won?

388870confederate-flag-flying-on-a-pole-postersby Tre B.

The United States, the Confederate States, and Black people in America might all be better off if the South was allowed to secede from the Union.

Now I’m gonna go way out there for a minute, so just bear with me.  I have no proof for my hypothesis nor do I necessarily believe it’s true…I’m just thinking out loud.  History is written by winners, so we’ve always been taught that the Yankees were the good guys and the Rebels were the bad guys and that slavery was the main reason for the American Civil War.  As usual we were taught wrong, and many of us now know that even Lincoln didn’t really care about freeing the slaves (he actually was in favor of shipping us all back to Afrika) and the war was more about state’s rights and economic power than anything else.  But let’s challenge the other assumption that the North was right in preventing the South from leaving the Union.

Sure the southern states had different values, but slavery was just one part of their society.  They also believed in state’s rights, individual independence (for whites at least), and little federal government interference.  Sounds a lot like modern day Republicans to me.  Their whole economy revolved around slavery, and without the benefit of modern economic and management theory I guess they just weren’t smart enough to figure out how to make it work without slaves (they later came up with the concepts of share cropping and Black Laws to keep slavery going after the Civil War).  But the North still benefited from slavery and the agricultural output from the South, so who’s to say one side was right and one side was wrong.  Yes, slavery was wrong, but I believe it still would have ended if the South was allowed to secede.  We’ll come back to that in a minute.

Let’s pretend that slavery never existed in America and the South still wanted to secede from the Union.  Is this such a bad thing?  Technically, the United States seceded from Britain.  Taiwan seceded from China.  Ireland seceded from Britain/Northern Ireland.  If two groups of people have irreconcilable differences, why can they not have separate governments?  To this day we see a clear divide between the South and the North a.k.a. the Red states and the Blue states.  People might argue that we’re stronger together than we are apart, but nobody can prove that without seeing what would happen if they were allowed to separate.  Sure, we have more people and more land, but that doesn’t necessarily make us stronger.  This election year shows us how divided we really are.  I say let the Red states go because we’re just slowing each other down.

First, some issues can’t be resolved with compromise so the society gets stuck in a situation where no progress is made, or progress is made for one side at the expense of the other, and the issue continues to rear it’s head.  Second, states have become entirely too reliant on Federal assistance and the Federal government has grown too large and inefficient to be effective on issues like healthcare and energy independence.  You’ve got states like California that step up and try to fix problems on their own, but even they are suffering from a budget crisis.  Just look at your paycheck.  Who get’s more money from you, Federal or State?  Don’t forget that social security counts as Federal so add that in there too.  So I said all that to say, we may or may not be better off with all 50 states in the Union.

Now let’s think about a hypothetical scenario where the South won the war and Black people were still enslaved.  Since the remaining states in the Union would all be free states, slaves could run away from the South and not have to be returned (before the war runaway slaves in the North could still be returned back into slavery).  The effect of mass runaways and revolts would put a heavy strain on the Confederacy’s economy.  Also, without the North and other anti-slave nations buying goods from the South, they would have been further weakened.  Rather than relying on white folks in the North to “save” them, Black people would have to fight for their own freedom and build alliances with other nations on their own.  This would have been more difficult, but we might have been stronger for it.  Contrary to popular belief, slave revolts were a very common occurrence in antebellum South and all throughout North and South America.  Being a slave master or overseer was one of the most dangerous jobs one could have, even more so than actually being a slave.  Of course they fail to mention this in most text books.  When we finally did free ourselves, we would be more self-reliant and independent.  We might have even taken over one of the states in the South and seceded from the Confederacy since the Confederates themselves would have set the precedent for secession.

Instead, we achieved freedom with heavy reliance on Northern white people and we’ve remained reliant ever since.  Most of us cannot even fathom having our own government.  We’re trapped on the “assimilationist treadmill” going nowhere.  And when someone mentions reparations, many of us revert to our slave personalities and act like some weak-minded, tap-dancing, coons.

Obviously there could be dozens of other likely outcomes for Black America if the Confederacy had won the Civil War.  The point is to get you to re-think conventional wisdom about the history of slavery and the Civil War as it is currently written in hopes that maybe we can make history now by reversing past mistakes.

Finally, I’ll leave you with two quotes from Dr. Amos N. Wilson

Our reason for being in America is to serve white folk and to generate wealth for them.  There has been no change at all in terms of our relationship to these people.

We have a leadership that has sought to get us to accept the status quo: the control of the world by the European.  You errantly hear some of us conceding that it’s the white man’s world so we may as well learn how to live in it or just get along.  The assimilationist often accepts, consciously or unconsciously, the idea that the white man will continue to rule the world…This leadership wants us to accept this sickness as normality and to follow these pathological beings into self-destruction.



  1. I don’t think the US would have risen to be the super it is (this didn’t really have til the mid 20th century) if the north and south had split. I don’t think it was economically feasible. Would North America have become this super power?? Naw I’m buying it. Interesting thoughts though

  2. As to north american blacks being better off if they fought for their own freedom…
    many did, The union army recruited deeply from runaway slaves who after all had more to gain from a northern victory than white farmers sons. Many many others who we get bored hearing about in black history month fought by other means when the time for guns was over.
    If instead of fighting along side white allies they held an all negro slave revolt, they may have succeeded in carving out their own country. But countries built on slave revolts rarely turned out well, because every new regime needs some defectors from the ruling class of the old regime to provide technical administrative skills and the like, and victorious slaves with all kinds of grudges to settle rarely are prepared to cut any kind of deal with their old masters (see most of africa and a few caribian islands).
    Is assimilation going so badly? It seems to have worked out pretty well for Bill Cosby and Barack Obama.

  3. Truth is that slavery was becoming increasingly uneconomic. Slavery was more widespread in the North at one time (that is more people were slave owners), but was dying out. Did I say more people had owned slaves in the North at one point? Yes, they did. The largest numbers of slaves were in the South because of the plantations, but more slave owners were in the North in the 1700’s. Depending on who you read, only about 3-7% of the whites owned slaves in the South in the 1860’s. Most white people did not own slaves and did not care one way or the other. Truth is that with the crash of cotton, slavery would definitely have been out, but if the South had not been conquered slavery would have ended, probably with in 50 years. What caused the racial backlash after the war was Congressional reconstruction in the 1870’s a time known as the rape of the South. Illiterate black people were actually put in offices that were denied to literate former confederates. Brutality on the part of occupying Union soldiers toward the former confederates was widespread and well known, but you are not allowed to teach that in high school history (I am a black high school history teacher, so I know).

    Many scholars believe there would have been abolition in the South within 50 years and reunification of the Union and Confederacy within 70 to 100 years.

  4. Official slavery would have ended regardless of the side that won, maybe later, but it would have ended. Other countries would have come in play eventually and would enforce regulations on the Confederate states.

    I believe that if the outcome of the war was opposite, the police state that we have in place at the moment would not have come in play and civil liberties (hopefully for all races) would have been respected a lot more.

    Sadly what we have today is a joke of a society, where everyone with incomes of under 50k a year is a slave to richer folks, in one way or another. Just give them a few decades, the whips will be back. The “liberties” that we “gained” were taken away just as easily, under the guise of “Terror Threats”, in large part thanks to the media.

    The division of the states would have created more “diversity” and would not have created a giant bully of a country, who thinks it has the right to rape every country that they desire.

    The world would have been far better off if “The best country in the world.” never existed, or never “came together”.

    It’s a sad time for all of us, who believed in America and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Obama in power is a joke, yes, he’s awesome, yet powerless and useless. He’s just a face, a distraction, a poof of smoke, which feels like a fresh breath of air after the infamous Bush administration.

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  6. I’m sorry, but you can’t have a meaningful discussion about this without mentioning the JEWS. Did you know that the jews owned the slave shps and were responsible for first bringing Africans to America? Look it up, you’ll see this is true. The jews have enslaved many other societies over the past thousand years – look it up, you’ll see its true. The jews have got black and white folk enslaved by their banking and tax system TODAY! jews are a different race than whites. Let me say that again. Jews and whites are not the same race. Look it up, you’ll see this is true. But they want you to think they are the same race and that judaism is just a religion, so that they can blame their evil deeds and warmongering on white people. They pose as white people, which is why you don’t see the difference and don’t mention it in your article. It is the aim of the jews to wipe white people off the face of the planet. How did I find this out – jews themselves told me. Look it up, discover for youself. Read the protocols of the elders of zion. It’s on web sites everywhere.

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