Why dangerousNEGRO?

by Tre B.



If you don’t know about dangerousNEGRO, read about us.  For those of you that do know about us, you may wonder why we chose the name dangerousNEGRO, or even why what we’re doing is so important.

To answer the first question, the name dangerousNEGRO is a tribute to past Afrikan and Afrikan American leaders throughout history who were dangerous because they posed a threat to the status quo and made a significant positive impact on the Black community.  Some people may have a problem with the term Negro; frankly speaking these people don’t know the history of the term.  DuBois, Garvey, Malcolm X, and Dr. King all used this term to describe Black people.  In another 20 years, the term “Black” will probably be seen in the same light as “Negro” is today, but it is what it is.

To the second point.  dangerousNEGRO is important for the same reason conscious rap is important.  We are the Nas and the Dead Prez of the clothing industry.  Most artists just make you dance or nod your head a bit, but conscious artists make you think as well.  Other clothing lines may simply have interesting designs and be very artistic, funny, or display your social/economic status.  We use your body as a billboard to advertise social consciousness and group identity in an attempt to uplift the Black community and people who identify with it.  Mainstream media and fashion are waging an ideological war against positive Black images by glorifying coonery and all types of negative Black stereotypes, we are the soldiers fighting back.  We are a visual representation of the Black Empowerment Movement.  Our clothing line is our uniform.

It is important for there to be alternative viewpoints coming from Black folks other that what you see in mainstream media because ideas and ideology have power to influence individuals consciously and sub-consciously.  It’s important for socially aware people to be able to identify with other people who share their interests so they know they are not alone.  There are plenty of us out there that don’t fall into those boxes they try to put us in, and wearing dangerousNEGRO is one way you can display to the world that you are one of those people.  The more of us we see out there, the more we can be confident in our power to get together and improve things on a massive level.

dangerousNEGRO is committed to Black empowerment, we just happen to use fashion and entertainment as a means to that end.  When you see someone wearing dangerousNEGRO there’s a high probability that they share our commitment.



  1. I must comment on the message disseminated by brother Ray Hagin. In a nutshell the brother seems to be convinced that the Bible was written by caucasians. Nothing could be farther from truth. Moreover, christianity can not be established by biblical doctrines. J. Edgar Hoover, as master manipulator of the masses of American citizens spent his life in fear of the coming black messiah (see Cointelpro program). Hoover would have known nothing of the coming messiah if not for biblical teachings. Read the conintelpro program to avail yourself of his fears that were induced by biblical prophecy. Of course, as an atheist, Hoover knew nothing of biblical teachings. His teachings on the Bible came from the leading christian theologians in the nation! Christians wrote the quran and the hadith. But never the Holy Bible. Evidence concerning the description of Christ renders Christ a caucasian in the hadith of Islam. But the Holy Bible, withstands the depiction of Christ as any race other than the black race. The islamic hadith agrees with Christian depictions of Christ as Caucasian. The rise of government misinformation campaigns is designed to off set the arrival of the coming black Deliverer! Of course among the misinformation agents black traitors shall find their place hoping to remain unsuspected while convincing their brothers to look beyond the truth that has preserved them in the darkest of times in the West. The misinformation campaign is designed to initiate a new form of slavery–psychological impairment.

  2. negro shut your god damn mouth you aint shit.no one never listen to your nasty ass .

  3. Why does there have to be Black Empowerment, White Empowerment – or any specific Empowerment? Why cannot there be Empowerment of the Mind of the People That Choose To Leave Side by Side, helping and moving each other forward without Race Creed Color or Religion as a means? Meaning you can be any of those things, believe anything you want as long as you promote the wellbeing of others through moral and humane ideologies?

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